Your partner may not be good at bed or may not be able to satisfy you sexually. But you love him or her a lot and are not ready to put an end to the relationship for this reason. But your relationship cannot attain completeness since you are sexually starved, even at this point you should consider getting a professional to help! So what should you do in such a situation? Do not panic. We are here to help you out with a few valuable suggestions which will hopefully solve your problem.


Remaining passive at bed is a strict no-no for both of you. You need to try it out in different ways and introduce a lot of innovations. You can watch porn videos together to get newer ideas. It may be that one of you is trying hard to make it enjoyable but the other one is not really finding it interesting. But there’s no reason to give up hope. Try out newer styles…just keep on trying.

Another very important factor in this respect is communication. Do not feel shy to discuss matters related to your sexual life with each other. Only then you can find out what your partner likes and what he or she doesn’t. Similarly, he will also get to know what you like and what you do not.

Buy sexy and stylish lingerie, check out the type of stuff these hot callgirls girls are wearing, you’ll get the idea. This applies for both men and women. Also, sex toys will also help in bringing more innovation into your sexual activities. If you or your partner lacks sexual vigor then you can use Viagra or consult a doctor. Again, if your busy schedule doesn’t leave you the sufficient time and energy to go for a sexual intercourse then take leave from your work and plan a holiday.

To sum up, do not take your sex life lightly and try out new ways to make it better to make your relationship last longer!


Toxic relationships are those which provide nothing positive to your life. They rather devastate both your personal and professional lives. So when do you realize that it’s high time you had put an end to the relationship? Let’s find out:

  • When you find that your relation is preventing your personal growth, or coming in the way of your personal goals.
  • When you feel that you deserve to be with someone better- one who would be more loving and caring and will keep you happier.
  • When your relationship becomes an abusive one- Your partner tortures you mentally or physically or both!
  • When other people around you get affected due to the present status of your relationship. Say, you have got children and they are suffering due to the conflicts between you two.
  • A toxic relationship must also be ended when you find that it is wasting all your time and energy and is hampering with your professional life.


  • If you find that you have to compromise with your peace, emotions and safety in order to be in the relationship, you know that it is the high time you had ended it.
  • If you find that your partner is involved with another person and is no more loyal to you. This happens a lot with the massive availability of online escort agencies that can be easily found, they even have guides you can read on their websites.
  • In case you feel drained out and depleted after spending some time with your partner instead of getting energized.


All these are the signs which will prompt you to put an end to your toxic relationship. If you are in any one of the above situations, you must understand that it is the time to part ways with your partner. So, be prepared for it and think how you will proceed. Be strong and ask for support from your friends.

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